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Replaceable Head Derma Roller (600 Needles)

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Please note: The Body Roller option has an extra wide head with 1200 needles. 

This is the latest model derma roller from DRS (DermaRoller System). The derma roller has a removable/replaceable head, which means that when the needles wear out, you can just buy a new head instead of paying for a whole new derma roller, saving you money.

You can also mix and match different needle lengths without having to buy more than one derma roller - just purchase the heads you need.

This derma roller can also be fitted with a extra wide head to convert it to a BodyRoller - great for treating stretch marks or cellulite on the body.

The DRS DermaRoller with replaceable head is extremely well made, performs well and offers great value for money.

Needle Arrangement: 600/1200 needles (disc design)
Needle Length: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Needle Material:
Stainless steel/titanium alloy
Ergonomic, plastic with removable head
Suitable for:
All treatments, all areas

Choosing the right needle length (click on table to enlarge)

derma roller needle length selection

Note: The 0.25mm version does not induct collagen but is used to boost the absorption of your skincare products.