Do Derma Rollers Really Work On Wrinkles?

Ageing is inevitable, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you have to live with its visible signs. Glow Up Skincare offers you a way to prevent, minimise, and potentially eliminate wrinkles the natural way through the use of derma rollers.

Our premium derma rollers stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, effectively keeping you looking younger and your skin more vibrant.

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Wrinkles And Other Visible Signs Of Aging

The way the body works changes over time – and that includes your skin. As the years go by, you’ll start to see wrinkles, sagging, skin, and dark spots. This happens for several reasons:

  • Decreased production of collagen and elastin

    Collagen and elastin are proteins that keep the skin smooth, soft, and young-looking. This is produced in the skin’s dermis, which lies below the skin’s outermost surface (the epidermis).

    As you age, the dermis starts to slow down in terms of collagen and elastin production. The fats in the hypodermis also become thinner. This makes the skin less flexible, which causes sagging and fine lines to appear.

  • Exposure to UV rays

    Exposure to the sun can be good, because it’s a natural source of Vitamin D. However, the sun also emits ultraviolet rays, which speed up the natural ageing process. UV rays gradually break down the skin’s connective tissues, which then affects the production of collagen and elastin.

    Often, the visible signs of ageing appear prematurely because of repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun, especially if you haven’t made a habit of wearing sunscreen when you’re outside.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

    An unhealthy lifestyle affects the body’s ability to regenerate – which also means the skin becomes unable to produce the same amount of collagen and elastin that it normally produces. Lack of sleep, excessive stress, vices like smoking, and an unhealthy diet can further accelerate the skin’s normal ageing process.

    This means that the less healthy you are, the faster those wrinkles form as well.

Although some of these factors affecting your skin can’t be avoided, there is a way to prevent the premature signs of ageing from showing. Even if wrinkles have started to form, our derma rollers can help heal the skin and bring back some of the youthful glow that diminishes over time.

Understanding The Skin

Glow Up Skincare’s derma rollers come with 540 medical-grade stainless steel needles. To understand how these needles work, it is also important to understand the skin’s composition.

The skin is made up of three layers – the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis.

The epidermis is about 0.05mm to 0.3mm thick on areas like the face but can be around 1.5mm on areas like the soles of your feet. This is the skin’s outer layer.

The dermis lies just beneath the epidermis. This is where the collagen and elastin are found.

The hypodermis is the skin’s bottommost layer, which is made up of fat and connective tissue.

Triggering collagen and elastin production is the key to anti-ageing. This can prevent wrinkles from developing and can even reduce or remove them if the right methods are employed.

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How Derma Rollers Work On Ageing Skin

In some anti-ageing procedures, the epidermis is partly or completely removed to force the skin to regenerate and start producing more collagen and elastin. But the use of derma rollers is less invasive.

A dermaroller only results in tiny pinpricks on the skin’s epidermis. These holes are so small that they automatically close up without doing much damage to the skin’s outer layer. Despite the small size of these holes, they are enough to trigger the skin’s natural regenerative processes.

Don’t worry, these needles don’t hurt as you use them. As long as you employ the right needle length and follow the recommended advice, it’s a painless, easy process to smoother skin.

Once the skin is alerted, it starts to produce new skin cells. Collagen and elastin production is triggered, causing new skin to develop. This is why the use of derma rollers is also known as collagen induction therapy.

The new collagen eventually evens out the skin, giving it a smoother texture that also results in you looking and feeling younger.

Other Benefits of Derma Rollers

Using dermarollers also allows your skin to absorb your favourite skin care products more efficiently.

Just imagine using your face serum or your other skincare products as you use your derma roller on your face. Normally, only an average of 0.3% of these products’ ingredients are absorbed by the skin while the rest are wasted on the skin’s outer surface.

Instead of taking a few minutes for the serum to be absorbed into the different layers of your skin and wasting some of these products’ important components, the derma roller creates pathways so your serum can sink straight into the skin and start taking effect.

Derma rollers increase the skin’s absorption, allowing 75% to 85% of your skincare products’ active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. That’s a 3,000% increase in absorption rate!

Aside from using dermarollers to combat the visible signs of ageing, derma rolling is also effective in minimising, and eventually eliminating, the presence of stretch marks, which are common among people who’ve had a baby, lost a lot of weight, or have other skin issues.

Dermarollers can also help increase blood flow to the skin, effectively delivering all the nutrients necessary to make the skin glow and look healthier. The boost of oxygen to the skin also improves the process of removing waste products and toxins that can gather in the skin’s layers, allowing your skin to breathe easier.

Glow Up Skincare offers the best derma roller on the market with different needle lengths to help you address visible signs of ageing on the skin in different parts of the body. Use derma rollers now and enjoy bringing back that youthful skin.

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Will a 0.5 mm derma roller give good results?

When it comes to sizes, it is very much recommended that beginners start with a derma roller with 0.5 mm needles. This is good to use for the neck, face and body parts with thinner skin. You can also use it on other delicate parts, such as the upper eyelids, lips and brows. Don’t worry, because it is safe to use for almost all skin problems.

Can you derma roll every night?

Yes, you can use a derma roller UK every night as your skin will need time to repair itself. The micro-wounds that derma rolling produces can heal in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. Hence, derma rolling at night is the best thing to do to give your skin the proper rest it needs afterwards.

Can derma rolling tighten skin?

Derma rollers are tools that contain many small needles, which create micro-injuries when rolled over the skin. These little puncture wounds encourage your body to produce a lot more collagen and elastin in order to heal the area. As a result, the skin will be tighter and plumper compared to before.

Is derma rolling painful?

This depends on the kind of derma roller you’re using. Many derma rollers built for personal use contain needles that are quite tiny and using them won’t cause any pain at all. However, using anything bigger than a 1.5 mm derma roller can be somewhat painful. This is why, when using such equipment, a numbing cream should be applied beforehand.

Which derma roller is best for acne scars?

You should get 1 mm derma roller needles for shallow acne scars and something larger for deeper scars. If you’ve purchased a one-millimetre roller, you should add derma rolling to your routine once every 10 to 14 days. As for larger derma rollers, use them every three to four weeks instead.

How hard do you press a dermaroller?

You should roll the derma roller gently over your skin vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Make sure to roll twice over your lips, forehead, neck, and cheeks. There’s no need to press too hard or apply too much pressure – just do what your skin can handle. If you’re feeling any pain, you’re probably pressing too hard.

Are derma roller results permanent?

No, because it cannot stop wrinkles and ageing once they begin to form. But with regular derma rolling, you can have the results last for many years. With long-term derma rolling, you can thicken your skin, fill up wrinkles and lines, fade scars and stay looking young and beautiful for much longer.

What should I avoid after dermarolling?

You need to avoid any harsh, exfoliating skincare products for the first few days after the microneedling treatment. This includes anything that contains alpha hydroxyl acid or glycolic acid. In addition, avoid anything that has a fragrance as an ingredient, as this could irritate your skin.

Can I use moisturiser after dermarolling?

Yes, you can. As soon as the first hour after derma rolling, you can apply gentle anti-ageing products, such as moisturisers, serums and other products that address particular issues. However, avoid applying more than one product, as this is not recommended, because it can overwhelm the skin.

Guide To Using A Derma Roller

Here’s the proper way of using a dermaroller in the UK:

  • Clean the roller before using. Soak the handheld roller-device with microneedles in a 70% alcohol solution before using it. Be sure to do this, otherwise you may irritate your skin.
  • Clean your face. Before using the derma roller, make sure to disinfect your face first. This is especially important if you’re using longer needles.
  • Roll in the correct directions. Make sure to roll vertically and then horizontally and avoid contact with the eyes. Repeat this six times in total.
  • Stop rolling after two minutes. Don’t overdo it, especially on your face. Make sure to limit each rolling session to under two minutes if you can.

Things To Avoid With Derma Rolling

Below is a list of things you have to avoid when using any handheld cosmetic roller equipment:

  • Avoid strong sunlight. It’s common advice given by dermatologists to avoid too much sun exposure, especially after derma rolling treatments. Failing to do so may cause unwanted pigmentation on the skin.
  • Don’t use lots of products. Derma rolling may cause your skin to be more sensitive, so it’s not advisable to use any harsh products. You may use one moisturiser product, but stick to that alone as your limit.
  • Exacerbating skin conditions. You should not get derma rolling treatment if you have active acne, a local infection like herpes and warts, moderate to severe eczema and so forth. You may risk having a bacterial reaction or inflammation.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll be ready to take full advantage of the best derma rollers in the UK without any worries!

Benefits Of Regular Derma Rolling

  • Repairs sun damage and pigmentation. Derma rollers with needles in the range of 1.0 to 1.5 mm can repair skin damaged by the sun. They can help also soothe discolouration and skin pigmentation.
  • Gives younger-looking skin. Dermal rollers are good for older women and men. It can stimulate collagen production, which can lead to tighter, more supple-looking skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of scars. With 1.5 mm needles, the scar tissue is broken down. This helps minimise the appearance of the scars.
  • Smoothens deep and fine wrinkles. Collagen induction therapy tools with 1.5 mm needles can treat deep and fine lines alike, giving the skin a smoother, more even appearance.
  • Encourages product absorption. The tiny wounds caused by derma rolling allow skincare products to get absorbed on the skin properly. This increases the chances of having good results from the product.
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How Derma Rolling Works

Simply put, derma rolling makes tiny, microscopic injuries on the outer layer of your skin. As a result, this produces collagen and elastin. This, in turn, leads to skin regeneration and the production of anti-aging substances. What’s more, derma rolling also makes skincare products more effective as they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

However, do take note that using handheld microneedling equipment also has some precautions that must come with it, just like any other treatment. You should follow the proper usage of the roller to avoid unwanted skin pigmentation or causing harm to your skin.

If you are looking for the best microneedle roller device for your beauty needs, then visit our shop now! We have a wide range of excellent products to offer in various sizes and designs.